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Public service is an integral part of a Stanford education. Through Cardinal Service, students can pursue one ofnearly500 full-time,quarter-long service opportunities, and more than 150 community-engaged learningcourses across more than 40 departments and programs. Now, students who complete a Cardinal Quarter or 12+ units of Cardinal Courses are eligible to have these commitments reflected on their academic transcript with the Cardinal Service Notation.

Since our founding, students at Stanford have made significant public service commitments – commitments that have enriched their academic pursuits and provided opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to pressing social and environmental challenges. With the Cardinal Service Notation, Stanford can begin to formally recognize these commitments as part of students’ academic experience.

The Haas Center for Public Service invites all students who meet the eligibility requirements below to apply for the Cardinal Service Notation. Applications are accepted twice per year, in Autumn and Spring quarters.

Students who complete the requirements for both the Cardinal Quarter and the Cardinal Courses need only apply under one of the categories. We encourage you to choose the experience that most influenced your overall education and experience here at Stanford, and share with us why in your academic integration statement.

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for Spring 2018 is April 27, 2018 at 11:59pm.

Application deadline

Students are eligible for the Cardinal Service Notation after completing one of the following:

Students should satisfy their eligibility before applying. For example, a student completing a Cardinal Quarter in the autumn should wait to apply until the spring. Similarly, a student enrolled in a Cardinal Course in the spring should apply the following autumn.

To apply for the notation, students should complete the nike blazer mid vintage grey suede womens trainers amazon
. In the application students will be asked tosubmit a current unofficial transcript, as well as an academic integration statement (minimum 2000 words) responding to the following prompt:

Please describe your Cardinal Service experience, and discuss how this experience:

For more information, please contact air jordan releases dec 2015
, Program Manager.

Make a terrarium mini-garden

We planted succulents in our terrarium. We picked different shapes, colors, and sizes. Succulents need very little water.

A terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants instead of fish. It is made in just about any glass container. It is planted to look like a miniature garden or forest enclosed in its own little world.

You can easily make a beautiful terrarium yourself.

First, you want all the plants to thrive in the same kind of environment. For example, you could plant all succulents (including cactus), because they need very little water. Or you could plant all ferns, because they like it moist. You could put moss with the ferns, because moss likes it moist too. If you put a fern with a cactus, one or the other might not do well (the fern if it gets too dry, the cactus if it gets too wet).

You can use an open container or a closed container.

An open container is best for succulents and cacti. They like lots of air.

A closed container (with a lid) might be best for ferns, ivies, and begonias. They like it humid. But if you see a lot of water condensing on the lid, remove it for a while, then replace it.

For any terrarium, you need:


Make sure your glass container is clean and shiny.

The layers of rock and soil are part of the beauty of your terrarium.

Start with a layer of rocks, about one inch or so, at the bottom of your container. These will help the soil drainage, so the roots of your plants won’t get water-logged.

Add a 1/2-inch-thick layer of charcoal.

Fill the container up to half-full with potting soil.

Plant your plants. When you remove them from their little pots, carefully tease the roots apart and remove some of the old soil so they will fit nicely in the terrarium. Arrange them to look nice. Leave some space for them to breathe and grow. Pat down the soil so they don’t get uprooted easily.

Add decorative pebbles, rocks, pine cones, or whatever to make your terrarium look like a little garden world.

Water the plants, but not too much.

Place in indirect light.

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a person who landscapes beautiful gardens that use very little water.

A terrarium has its own mini-climate. The container has just a small opening or sometimes even a lid to completely enclose the container. That makes a terrarium like a greenhouse. Sunlight enters through the glass and warms the air, soil and plants the same way that sunlight coming through the atmosphere warms Earth’s surface. The glass holds in some of the warmth, nike roshe nz auckland 2lQo9x

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