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So when taking photos with symmetrical composition, take your time to ensure your iPhone is parallel with your subject. It’s well worth the patience and effort to get it just right.

The vertical line of symmetryruns right down the middle of the image from top to bottom, creating an image with similar left and right sides.Look for objects with vertical lines in the scene in front of you, for example, trees, doors, paths, architecture, etc.

This composition of a doorway works particularly well because all of the lines around the edge of the image lead to the door.Again, the most important part of shooting something like a door is keeping your iPhone parallel to it.

Usually, to enhance the vertical lines, it’s best tohold your iPhone vertically in portrait orientation with the home button atthe bottom. This provides the maximum amount of space for your symmetry on each side.

Holding the iPhone vertically in portraitorientation, as opposed to horizontally inlandscapeorientation, enhances the vertical symmetry in this image.

If I were to hold the iPhone in a landscape orientation, there would be too much room on either side of the windows and probably not enough space to capture the light on the floor. In other words, the composition would be weaker.

The horizontal line of symmetryruns acrossthe middle of the image from left to right, creating an image with a similar top and bottom. To best showcase the symmetry in these kind of images, you’ll want to hold your iPhone horizontally in landscape orientation.

The easiest place to find a horizontal line of symmetry is in a calm lake. The air jordan 1 retro high og black varsity red white retro
of anything in the sky and along the shoreline make for an easy symmetrical image.

Of course, there are more images with horizontal symmetry to create than just reflections. Keep an eye out for lines that run horizontally in other types of scene where you could create a well balanced symmetrical photo.

While this isn’t a perfect mirror image, there is horizontal symmetry going on. If you cut the image in half horizontally, most of the image lines up symmetrically, with the exception of the missing bricks on the bottom of the image.

Symmetry doesn’t have to be perfect to add balance and harmony to your image, and the above example demonstrates this.

Composition is key in symmetrical images. When you spot a scene that has symmetrical balance, keep in mind that your line of symmetry should be centered within the composition. This applies to both horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry.

But wait, there’s more .

there’s more

This formula is running in the administrator’s browser under their user account and security context. And this is Google Sheets - Sheets are not limited to just their own data, in fact they can pull in data from nike air force jordans fusions shoes
that the user has access to. All that an attacker has to know is the other sheet’s id. That information isn’t usually considered secret; it appears in the spreadsheet urls, and will often be accidentally emailed, or posted in intra-company documentation, relying on Google’s security to ensure only authorized users access that data.

So hey, it’s not just your issue/time sheet/whatever data that’s getting exfiltrated. Keep client lists or wage info in a separate spreadsheet that your admin has access to? That info might be getting sucked up as well! All silently, and without anyone knowing anything about it. Yikes!

Of course a similar trick works perfectly well in Excel. In fact, the ability for Excel to act as a beacon in this manner nike air max 1 leather cool grey/wolf greywhite differentiation

But it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve shown this to various security researchers who’ve pointed out all sorts of nasty uses. For example a criminal who plants messages in their own communications that would beacon a server that they control. That way, if a reseracher working on a secret warrant is to view their communication in a spreadsheet, a beacon goes out and the criminal has a canary effectively tipping them off that someone is snooping.

Not ideal.

So who’s fault is all of this anyways?

Well it’s not the CSV format’s. The format itself couldn’t be more clear that automatically executing anything that “looks like a formula” is not an intended usage. The bug therefore lies in popular Spreadsheet programs for doing the exact wrong thing. Of course Google Sheets must maintain feature parity with Excel, and Excel must support millions of complex spreadsheets already in existance. Also - I’m not going to research this but - even odds that Excel behavior came from something ancient like Lotus 1-2-3. Getting all spreadsheet programs to change this behavior at this point is a pretty big mountain to conquer. I suppose that it’s everyone else that must change.

I did report this to Google as a vulnerability in their Sheets product. They agreed to it, but claimed to already be aware. While I'm sure they understand it is a vulnerability, I got the distinct impression that they had not really pondered how badly this could be abused in practice. Google Sheets should at least issue a warning when a CSV import is about to preform an external request.

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