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Add Bugsnag error monitoring to your Lumen applications.

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This library supports Lumen 5 running PHP 5.5+. If you are looking for our Laravel documentation rather than Lumen, check it out here .

Add bugsnag/bugsnag-laravel to your composer.json :

Register our service provider in providers array in bootstrap/app.php before your AppServiceProvider::class :


To use the configured Bugsnag client, import the facade each time:

Configure your Bugsnag API Key in your .env file:

You can find this key immediately after creating a new project from your Bugsnag dashboard, or later on your project’s settings page.

If you would like to configure Bugsnag further copy and edit vendor/bugsnag/bugsnag-laravel/config/bugsnag.php to config/bugsnag.php .

For a list of available options, see the nike air max essential light green womens QGQLRIYy

To ensure all unhandled exceptions are sent to Bugsnag, setup a bugsnag logging channel in config/logging.php , and add it to your logging stack:

At this point, Bugsnag should be installed and configured, and any unhandled exceptions will be automatically detected and should appear in your Bugsnag dashboard.

To ensure all unhandled exceptions are sent to Bugsnag, bind the Bugsnag PSR logger in the register method of your application service provider app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php :

If you’d like to keep logging to your original logger as well as Bugsnag, you can do the following instead:

Reporting handled exceptions can be accomplished as follows:

When reporting handled exceptions, it’s often helpful to send us custom diagnostic data or to adjust the severity of particular errors. For more information, see reporting handled errors .

Bugsnag will automatically capture the following data for every exception:

In order to quickly reproduce and fix errors, it is often helpful to send additional application-specific diagnostic data to Bugsnag. This can be accomplished by registering a function to be executed before an error report is sent:

“Right around when we figured out cooling, then came the question: Can you do heating?” said postdoctoral fellow Po-Chun Hsu, who was first author on the recent paper. It was a particularly chilly winter, and he was headed to a conference in Minneapolis with a carry-on bag full of coats. Could he create an article of clothing that would serve him in a crowded warm conference room as well as on the frosty street?

Hsu realized that controlling radiation could work both ways. He stacked two layers of material with different abilities to release heat energy, and then sandwiched them between layers of their cooling polyethylene.

On one side, a copper coating traps heat between a polyethylene layer and the skin; on the other, a carbon coating releases heat under another layer of polyethylene. Worn with the copper layer facing out, the material traps heat and warms the skin on cool days. With the carbon layer facing out, it releases heat, keeping the wearer cool.

Combined, the sandwiched material can increase a person’s range of comfortable temperatures over 10 F, and Hsu predicts that the potential range is much larger – close to 25 F. With inhabitants wearing a textile like that, buildings in some climates might never need air conditioning or central heating at all.

The white-colored fabric isn’t quite wearable yet, the team said.

“Ideally, when we get to the stuff you want to wear on skin, we’ll need to make it into a fiber woven structure,” said Cui. Woven textiles are stronger, more elastic, more comfortable, and look much more like typical clothing. But good news: They’ve already started testing to make sure their fabric will be machine washable.

“From my perspective, this work really highlights the significant opportunities in combining thermal engineering concepts with nanophotonic structures for creating novel functionalities,” said nike blazer liberty print dresses
, a professor of electrical engineering who participated in the work.

The team’s ambitions are to create an easily manufactured, practical textile that people could use to save huge amounts of energy around the world. And they don’t stop there – Cui, Hsu and Fan envision clothing with medical devices and even entertainment printed right into the fabric.

“I think we are only seeing the beginning of many creative ideas that can come out of such combinations,” Fan said.

Cui is also professor of photon science at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and a member of Stanford Bio-X , the Precourt Institute for Energy and the Stanford Neurosciences Institute . Fan is also an affiliate of the Precourt Institute for Energy. Other Stanford researchers who contributed to the study are postdoctoral fellows Chong Liu, Alex Y. Song, Jin Xie, Kai Liu and Lili Cai; graduate students Ze Zhang, Yucan Peng, Chun-Lan Wu and Shang Zhai; senior research engineer Peter B. Catrysse; and nike free flyknit india price
, a professor of mechanical engineering and of photon science and co-director of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Mitchell’s musical inclinations and his ‘maximalist’ writing — his way of pushing a story’s many possibilities to the breaking point and then merging them together again — found a receptive reader in the Dutch composer Michel van der Aa .

The 48-year-old van der Aa isn’t famous outside the rarefied world of contemporary international composers. But in that world, he’s a big deal. His 2010 cello concerto called ‘Up Close’ won the nike free 50 leopard shield running shoes 1rWNqdX
. The Grawemeyer is the classical composer’s equivalent to a Nobel Prize. It’s been around for 30 years — and even Philip Glass hasn’t won it.

Composer-director Michel van der Aa (left) and novelist-librettist David Mitchell (right) in ‘Composing Conversations,’ a public discussion held by the Dallas Opera. Photo: Jerome Weeks

“Michel’s an explorer,” Mitchell says of van der Aa’s cross-disciplinary artistry. “And he’s an alchemist. And he’s a grown adult with the sense that he’s a kid in this fantastic magical toy shop.”

He could well be talking about his own approach to writing novels. When the two men eventually met, van der Aa suggested Mitchell call him the next time the author, who lives in Ireland, was in Amsterdam. The next time Mitchell was in Amsterdam, he told his Dutch editor — with typical British reticence — Welllll , maybe he shouldn’t call van der Aa. The man teaches, after all. He’s probably busy.

“I still remember my editor saying in this cold, steely voice,” Mitchell says with a laugh, “‘ Now don’t you do his thinking for him . I’ll call him and see if he’s busy.'”

When they did meet, the two men didn’t immediately launch into possible projects. They talked opera: what it could be, what it should be, going forward. And then Mitchell told van der Aa about a novel he’d been considering, part detective story, part diabolical fantasy.

Roderick Williams as video artist Toby Kramer (bottom) and Kate Miller-Heidke as Amber in the video above. Photo: Karen Almond.

In the opera, the story follows a video artist named Toby Kramer, who’s commissioned to shoot a documentary about two missing people, a software engineer and a party girl named Amber. The videomaker encounters a psychiatrist named Marinus who knows more than she lets on (a figure who pops up, in different forms, in several of Mitchell’s novels), and Toby discovers that the two missing people are trapped between life and death in a kind of way-station, an unreal garden hidden under an overpass. There have been videos before this point, but the gardenis where the 3D projectionskick in and operagoers need to put on their 3D glasses — as we’re told in a pre-show announcement.

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