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With the OpenStax Psychology textbook as a foundation, this course enriches learning with frequent real-world examples, curated videos, selected NOBA content, and interactive learning activities to foster practical skills.

Using highly interactive learning design by Carnegie Mellon OLI, this course teaches the fundamental principles of statistics using simulations and lab-style synthesis activities to invite hands-on exploration.

In addition to interactive practice problems, assessments, OER text, and video, this course uses real-world problems in every module to engage students and show them how to apply math in everyday life.

This ready-to-adopt Introduction to Business course develops students’ understanding of business fundamentals with learning design structured around timely, real-world case studies and examples.

This course develops students’ critical reading, writing, and research skills at the college level, with course design structured around essential parts of the academic writing process.

This course provides mathematical skills necessary to fulfill a liberal arts degree. Real-world examples throughout the course engage learners and provide context for how mathematical concepts apply in everyday life.

Video Series: Hear from faculty members what’s it really like to teach Lumen OER courses. View all Roundtable sessions.

For over ten years, Dr. Hey and his team of healthcare professionals have been serving children, adolescents and adults with scoliosis and other spinal deformities from across the Southeastern United States and beyond. Dr. Hey aspired to be a surgeon following his own experience as a trauma patient during his adolescent years. His residency and training includes MIT, Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital. In 2005, after serving on faculty for Duke University Medical Center for nearly ten years, Dr. Hey founded the Hey Clinic for scoliosis and spinal deformities.

Dr. Hey has performed over 6,000 spine surgeries; thousands with spinal deformity. Under Dr. Hey’s guidance, experience and leadership, the Hey Clinic team strives to create authentic relationships through a strong focus on patient education, generous appointment times and an emphasis on non-surgical treatments when appropriate. We have now added an Orthotist to our staff! Bracing is a conservative way to treat early scoliosis and attempt to halt curve progression. Check her out at: KC Wheeler

We have now added an Orthotist to our staff! Bracing is a conservative way to treat early scoliosis and attempt to halt curve progression.

At Hey Clinic spine center, we understand that spinal deformities impact people of all ages . No matter your age, it is important to understand your deformity and the appropriate steps needed to achieve and maintain your best quality of life and posture. Though far for some, our patients tell us that our care is worth the trip. The Hey Clinic is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, thirteen miles from Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) and is surrounded by many area attractions and accommodations.

Dr. Hey is an active member of the Scoliosis Research Society. You can check them out at nike air max 1 supreme atmos safaricom

Also, Check out our team on our Meet the Team page- Click Here

Conditions we treat:

Scoliosis Kyphosis Spondylolisthesis Disk Herniation Spinal Stenosis Spinal Deformity Sciatica Low Back Pain

“Everyone in this office loses respect for you when you aren’t on time”

“What you do in the small circumstances, you’ll do in large circumstances.”

“People who are great and have repeated success in business never fuck up the small things.”

“You can’t cash the reality checks.”

“Show more value and eventually it catches up.”

“People notice the motherfucker who is on the extra mile.”

“It feels like the world is meditating at 4:30 in the morning.”

“Crazy people get you crazy results. Average motherfuckers get you average results”

“The body is the servant of the mind” nike air max 95 black australians

“Basic hustle is what sets you apart” “Probably 80% of college is null and void” “The business climate is changing constantly but the curriculum stays the same!” “People walk out of school like ‘I just got taught how to handle mergers acquisitions.’ Motherfucker, you don’t even have an entry level job! How are you gonna handle mergers acquisitions!?” “How are you teaching motherfuckers … Continue reading Our Education System… Oh Sh*t

“Life is not about doing or having. It is about becoming who you want to be.” “People don’t have a dream about the process. They have a dream about the destination” “Like battle, life is a fucking war.” “If you don’t understand it, don’t invest in it.” “If something ‘bad’ happens it is only bad if you perceive it that way” “I never gave a … Continue reading Dreams vs. Goals How Family Shapes Us

“Don’t look at loss as a bad thing.”

“There are no free rides”

“So John, does this mean when you used to call me every Friday to ask about my chest workout that you didn’t really care? ”

“I’m just a persistent motherfucker”

“Your ideas aren’t shit until it is a great idea and a great idea is proven”

“I’ve heard all kinds of people tell me what they are going to do. The difference is, I go and do it.”

“Figuring it out and just making it happen is most of life.” Continue reading Losing Friends, Sales Strategies and Twitter QA

“Bro I stacked paper so hard it was ridiculous”

“You create the life that you want to live”

“I just assume I’m gonna have to do more than what everybody else does to get the same result”

“I walk around trying to encourage motherfuckers all day”

“Never think preparation has to be negative.”

On the backend, we’re going to do three things:

We’ll build our implementation with Postgres, Ruby, and an ORM in the style of ActiveRecord or Sequel, but these concepts apply beyond any specific technology.

The service defines a simple Postgres schema containing tables for its users and user actions 1 :

The server route checks to see if the user exists. If so, it returns immediately. If not, it creates the user and user action, and returns. In both cases, the transaction commits successfully.

The SQL that’s generated in the case of a successful insertion looks roughly like:

Readers with sharp eyes may have noticed a potential problem: our users table doesn’t have a UNIQUE constraint on its email column. The lack of one could potentially allow two interleaved transactions to run their SELECT phase one concurrently and get empty results. They’d both follow up with an INSERT , leaving a duplicated row.

Luckily, in this example we’ve used an even more powerful mechanism than UNIQUE to protect our data’s correctness. Invoking our transaction with DB.transaction(isolation: :serializable) starts it in SERIALIZABLE ; an isolation level so powerful that its guarantees might seem practically magical. It emulates serial transaction execution as if each outstanding transaction had been executed one after the other, rather than concurrently. In cases like the above where a race condition would have caused one transaction to taint the results of another, one of the two will fail to commit with a message like this one:

We’re not going to look into how SERIALIZABLE works, but sufficed to say it may detect a number of different data races for us, and if it does it’ll abort a transaction when it tries to commit.

Even though in our example a race should be rare, we’d prefer to handle it correctly in our application code so that it doesn’t bubble up as a 500 to a client. This is possible by wrapping the request’s core operations in a loop:

In this case, we might have more than one of the same transaction mapped to the HTTP request like so:

These loops will be more expensive than usual, but again, we’re protecting ourselves against an unusual race. In practice, unless callers are particularly contentious, they’ll rarely occur.

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can handle this for you automatically (this code will behave similarly to the loop above):



Sunday, 12pm - 4pm

Monday+ Tuesday, 10am - 6pm

Wednesday, Closed

Thursday, 10am - 6pm

Friday + Saturday, 10am - 5pm


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