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A full marine navigation software solution for recreational sailing and motor boat users or for professional navigation, choose the product that better suits your need.

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Recreational Software

TZ Navigator is a cutting edge navigation software, perfect fit for recreational sailing and motor boat users.

Discover TZ Navigator

TZ App

A real-time marine chart app for real sailors! TIMEZERO is the best marine navigation app for coastal sailing.

Discover TZ App

Professional Software

The latest generation of marine navigation software and the one sole product suiting all the needs of professionals at sea.

Professional Solutions

TZ Charts

More than 6,000 nautical charts from around the world, including Vector charts from C-MAP and Navionics data.

Discover our charts

TZ Coastal Monitoring

TZ Coastal Monitoring is the first true turnkey solution for Maritime Surveillance.

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The cutting edge software for recreational navigation

The latest generation of professional navigation software

The best provider for electronic nautical charts over the world

The next generation of Maritime surveillance systems

The best marine navigation app for coastal sailing

Access to your personal interface My TIMEZERO to enjoy all your online services including free weather forecast, TZ Community, TZ Store and TZ App.


Plan your trips from your fingertips and save your fishing spots at a click. See your position on the chart, as well as weather data, COG, SOG and many other metrics with ease. If you haven’t already discovered the app, click below to start.

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Since its release in May 2016, the TZ Navigator v3 community has grown to 5 thousand strong.

We are proud to provide a recreational product that puts the safety of sailors first.

If you are eligible for an update or just want to find out more on the new features then click here:

Discover TZ Navigator Now!

Discover the latest TZ Professional v3 features

Recently, I’ve been receiving similar questions from a lot of people:

This question brings me back to when I first started my career. 7 years ago, I’m on my first day of my first design job. I’m sitting in front a blank Photoshop file on an iMac (I was a Windows user back then). I’m trying to grasp what my manager just briefed me about. I have no idea how to start. Blank.

Before landing that job, I had just graduated from university with a Multimedia degree. So, why did I not know anything about design?Well, universities don’t teach us practical design. Most university courses only teach us theory and sometimes teach us how to use design tools like Adobe Suite. But that’s not enough — not even close.

7 years later of self-teaching, I’m now a Design Teacher and International Conference Speaker.

The first thing you should know is:

We’re not some unicorn creatures that were meant to be designers and were just born artistic like that. Design is learned. Design is about solving problems. It’s a process of constantly finding problems and creating solutions for them.

Design is about solving problems.

There are many areas of design: UI, UX, product designers, graphic designers, interaction designers, information architect, and the list goes on. Start by figuring out which specialty interest you more.For now, let’s focus on the most common type: a mix of interface and experience: UI/UX designer .

UI/UX designer

Before practicing design, the first thing you need to do is learn some design principles. From this, you’ll be able to enter the design world and start thinking “creatively”. You will learn the psychological aspects of design: why it can look good and why it can fail.

Here are some basic principles you should know about.

1. Color

Color vocabulary, fundamentals and the psychology of colors. Principles of design: Color

2. Balance

Symmetry and assymetry. Principles of design: Balance

3. Contrast

Using contrast to organize information, build hierarchy and create focus. Principles of design: contrast

Choosing fonts and creating readable text on the web. 10 Principles Of Readability And Web Typography

During this webinar you will be taken on a journey of why and how a new communications network strategy addresses the imperatives of enhanced passenger experience,delivering operational excellence and ensuring commercial and financial success

Mission-critical communications networks for air traffic management Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) must control and guarantee the safe and efficient movement of aircraft in the sky and at airports while addressing a huge number of new challenges (traffic increase, drones, cyber security, migration, interoperability..) This new white paper describes the Nokia networking solutions available to ANSPs who need to meet today’s demands while preparing for the future. nike air max thea premium blue

Mission-critical communications networks for air traffic management

Air-to-ground LTE offers in-flight ultra-broadband Open the skies to new possibilities with ultra-broadband connectivity for continental aircraft fleets. air jordan 13 low pure platinum foot locker TwnEVmm

Air-to-ground LTE offers in-flight ultra-broadband

Re-imagining the airport network for 2020 and beyond Today, operators globally are rapidly expanding and modernizing their airport infrastructure. They are competing fiercely to attract more flights and passengers. As a result, airport operators are revamping their communications networks, which are a crucial part of infrastructure. Read the whitepaper

Re-imagining the airport network for 2020 and beyond

Build a mission-critical communications network to power IP CCTV Overcome the challenge that comes with the increasing volume of IP video traffic by adopting an IP-based network architecture. Read the whitepaper

Build a mission-critical communications network to power IP CCTV

Enhancing airport communications with LTE ultra-broadband This strategic white paper offers analysis,designs, solutions and business models for creating a financially viable ultra-broadband wireless network for airports based on LTE Read the whitepaper

Enhancing airport communications with LTE ultra-broadband

Connected airports: how the Internet of Things will transform operations and passenger experience This white paper examines the challenges,solutions and business considerations for leveraging IoT to transform airport operations and the passenger experience Read the whitepaper

Local Routes

Marin County Transit District (Marin Transit) was formed by a vote of the people of Marin County in 1964 and was given the responsibility for providing local transit service within Marin County. Marin Transit contracts for operations and maintenance of services. Staff are directly responsible forplanning, capital investments, financial management, and operations oversight. Marin Transit is financially supported by Measure A Funds, State Transportation Development Act Funds, fares, property taxes and Federal Section 5311 rural transit funds.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, in coordination with the City of San Rafael, Marin Transit, Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM), and Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART), is working on a project to replace the San Rafael Transportation Center (SRTC). This project will include analysis and identification of potential sites for the transit center in downtown San Rafael, an environmental review process, and preliminary design.

We want to hear from our riders. Tofind out more about the project and take a survey please visit or follow links below.

Project Fact Sheet (English) andSurvey:

Project Fact Sheet (Spanish) and Survey:

Effective March 5, 2018, Marin Transit is expanding the service area for Marin Access Paratransit to include the neighborhood of East San Rafael/Peacock Gap . Residents living in the East San Rafael/Peacock Gap area who qualify for paratransit service under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will be able to call one to seven days in advance of their requested trip and schedule a ride. The service will be available from 10 am to 2 pm and 4pm to 7 pm on weekdays. On weekends, the service will be available from 8 am to 5 pm.

Marin Access Winter 2017/18 Newsletter

Enjoy the Winter 2017/18 edition of our Marin Access newsletter. If you'd like to receive this in your inbox, subscribe to our email updates in the footer below.

Want to get around without driving? Your smartphone, tablet and computer are great tools for getting rides! In partnership with Technology 4 Life, Marin Transit is sponsoring a FREE class to learn about transportation options in Marin. We will show you how to get online and use web sites and apps for determining the fastest, cheapest and most timely ways for getting where you want to go. Learn how to take the bus, SMART train, ferry or maybe get a ride from a volunteer, use shared ride services (Lyft), subsidized taxis and more! Bring your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to class. Bring $10 and photo ID to set up a Clipper card. This course is especially geared towards older adults and riders with disabilities, as well as caregivers who may be interested in transportation options. Sign up now for classes in Mill Valley and San Anselmo

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